Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur(review)

Milk and honey is a book full of poetry that describes the basic phases of the life of a woman.This mind alluring set of poetry and prose is written by by Rupi Kaur. Rupi Kaur is young and enthusiastic writer encouraged by her mother to illustrate her heart out with beautiful drawings to describe the hurting,the loving,the breaking and the healing process to become an independent and self aware woman. Rupi Kaur’s best seller by the New York Times describes the journey of life from bitterness to the self satisfaction.It utters the phases of a girl who will be asked to be quite ,the love which she could not comprehend ,whether its abuse or love whether its pain or pleasure.This confusion lead her to her loving phase which she sees with the passage of time as the love of the flesh and lust and not of mind and soul,its the love that breaks a girl when she realizes by the body language that its mere a hunger not need ,and then her journey lead her to the self discovery,self satisfaction and self pleasure .she gives herself time to know her heart ,to know her real worth that there is no need to lay in someones feet to realize her existence.Real love is beautiful aroma that exist in the sense of the human and that is its power.It is a real piece of art that is simply done .It describes the most hard phases of a woman in a simple illustration.I would recommend this book to all the adults and to the women who believe in their abilities.

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Muslim in the world

World is such a beautiful place,it is inhibited by wonderful people who have different views and hold an eye to see this wonderful universe in their own perspective ,ponder on their existence, wonder on the galaxy and even wants to know the smallest particles beyond atom.Humans have very unique urge in them,they want to know the elements by which certain thing is made of and its origin as they want to find the origin of themselves and the composition of atom, which we called is humans have an urge to get knowledge.Planet Earth is their home,and in this house of history members of this house always find ways to quarrel and blame the situation on someone thats why one of the member of the world from history blames the situation on the Jews a group of this house who were brilliant people but subjected to the violence for just that member’s assumption and power and now Muslims have been subjected to the bad image,violence and blamed for every horrible incident.what other members of the world miss in the past and present situation is that they save their image getting by the propaganda and majority.They believe what they hear from the powerful minds of the world and be on the list of peaceful and democratic members in the world, astonishing isn’t it? but why they do that? This question has two answers first is the rich members and their income flow in the house and second is ideology.Ideology is the powerful word for which any member of the world would give his life and thats what every member is doing. What will be the consequences? It can lead to more bad situations where some members of the Muslims are silent as they are tired of explaining, some indulge into the wrong side of the picture, some are trapped in process of proving ,some are dying,some are losing their identity and some are just looking the afterworld for peace.Members dont see and accept their religion,culture,goodness but they just see the outershell of them according to their imagination.Every member can be wrong on some point just accept this,every member has right to live and you can’t be a bully just because you can’t accept, the only essence which few members have is the ACCEPTENCE, this whole process of explaining have made both parties fearful the Jews and the Muslims ,they both have become afraid of the world and remain in constant struggle of survival and in this situation when they both confront eachother, it becomes more disasterous and a struggle of psychological possessiveness about their identity and belongings emerge which we can see in the Palestine.So what should be done, rich members and ideological menace shouldn’t assume things and shouldn’t play with the psychology of the members that would lead to disasters.

Eurocentrism by Samir Amin

Samir Amin has divided the book into two parts first one is “The central and peripheral tributary classes’’ and the second one is “The culture of Capitalism”. In which he discussed about the rise of Eurocentric ideology, capitalist economic system, political and cultural power and social theories which made its way from Atlantic to the other part of the Mediterranean and which changed its faith from the periphery and became center.
How the Capitalist culture prevailed? What are its counter theories, culture, power, and what is the ideology of the Euro centrism?
After the Renaissance two dimensions of the same power prevailed and transformed that are Capitalist society and the conquest of the Europeans. Europeans discovered the world and became Occident from the Orient then made a system of Capitalist which overturned the structure of the social life from the transparent system. Euro centrism is the cultural phenomenon and not a theory, so it shouldn’t be mixed with all other social phenomenon. Samir Amin discussed about the superiority of the Europeans which realized by the center as Orients made their mind that we can be successful, developed and civilized by knowing, following and adopting its socio-political structure, culture and economic system of the center. Europeans promoted their culture by the mode of literature and media.
Capitalist system prevailed by the cultural inferiority in the periphery, scientific innovations, industrial revolution, superstructure and by the generalization of the markets. Author critics Edward Said’s analysis of the Euro centrism and its impact on the Orientals, and Martin Bengals “Hellonomia” about the Westerns myth of the Greek ancestry which raised the negative impact of the Racism on the orientalist and their civilization. Marxism is the critique on the Capitalist economic system which defines the class system by the economic division. It mainly critiqued the commodities which caused a gap in the preliterate and bourgeois, which increased the gap between owners and workings class and gave bourgeois dominance of political power. Through Imperialism and revolutions Europeans imposed their civilization and presented it the supreme form of government to the periphery .Until 1945 after the Second World War that these European powers has in itself racial and nationalistic complex which was disguised in the cover of the Universalism. Euro centrism has distorted the Universalism. Liberals came in the mainstream after the First World War and this theory along with universalism is still in discussion that statism can’t be neglected in the cover of international institution for humanity. There is still division between traditionalist and fundamentalist. Capitalist society dominates the exchange value and standardization. If world wants the true universalism then these standardization and statism must be abolished and it requires everyone’s contribution which is quite impossible. After the revolutions, socialism emerged which is still in discussion now Euro centrism is in crisis. All these ideologies, social theories and economic system do not come to a solution but these are still in research with hypothesis because of the changing behavior and prediction of human and still more to come in future with the passage of time.

Transnational Muslim Politics:reimagining the Umma by Peter Mandaville

Transnational Muslim Politics is a part of Routledge book series on “Transnationalism” which gives the research based critic and information about the field and theoretical work about the contemporary world. This book is written by Peter Mandaville who is Assistant Professor of Government and Politics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. His previous publications include two co-edited books, The Zen of International Relations and Meaning and International Relations. In the series of Routledge about transnationalism .Mandaville has provided the alternative way to study Islam and Muslim by its political struggle not through the militant source .At the beginning he argued that International Relations should come from its such as hybridiy, diaspora and globalization with other social sciences disciplines such as anthropology to better study the ever changing impact of these transformation on the state .
In the following chapter he has elaborated the literal meaning of Islam and Muslim .He argued the Muslim culture regarding their region and the Muslims before ,during and after the colonization of the west .He compared the history of Islam with its periods such as from the prophetic period to the post colonial reformers. In this contemporary piece of writing Mandeville wrote about the transformation within the Muslim community in the post 9/11 world and its impact on the international politics and borders. In the third and fourth chapters he has written about the transformation of Islam when it move to new context and migrate to the new area such as west which he has described by the Edward Said’s “travelling theory” that the conceptions and theories changes with time and space and discussed about the modes such as media , advanced technology and its impact on the Muslim’s political identity all over the world. Then he gave case study about the Muslim diaspora in the Europe and different interpretation or a set of conception about Islam in the occidental world with the passage of time like Islamophobia now a days Mandeville has mainly argue three main themes that are “debates within the Muslim community”, “rethinking Islam” and “transnationalism”.In the first theme he has illustrated the negotiations and discussion forums within the Muslim world, in the second theme he has highlighted the main discourses of the politics, political identity and globalization which has impact on the Muslim and international communities and in the third theme he has elaborated the different translocal Muslim world.
In the last two chapters he has argued the importance of media and technology regarding a new Muslim identity ,a new interpretation and dynamic views of Islam to Muslims and specifically to the Muslim youth who have participated in the various interpretations of Islam under the translocality and globalization .He has discussed about the conceptualizing Islam in Muslim Umma with a question that whether Muslim world literally putting efforts to reimagine the Umma.
It is a worth reading book for the new conceptions of the Muslim community and it gives a contrast of the Muslim world pre and post 9/11 and its image to the whole world. What media and international bodies says and what is actually going on in the Muslim world the rise of the Arab spring which impact is still present in the middle east which is the lived experience of the contemporary Muslim community for democracy and a debate for secular state I would say. What I really liked about this book is that he neglected the militants and terrorist organization in the whole argument focusing only on the Muslim state and Muslim community with history and with the transformative modes that will have future impacts as well. Mandaville has argued the terms and ways by which Muslims have step forward to change the course but is looking forward for their direction and the way how the operate to reshape the Umma.
It is a real piece of study about the contemporary politics and the changing world. It is an essential and important contribution which covers from theoretical approach to the understanding of the contemporary Muslims and their identity. It gives the rich analysis and a new lens to study the Muslim diaspora.It aims to address the needs of teachers and students and its title is intended to address Muslim and international community to view the whole discourse in a different manner.

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The critical appraisal of Aristotle

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist. He was pupil of Plato and remained in the “Academy” until the age of thirty seven. His marvelous work on vast area of study including social sciences, natural sciences and even in arts such as in theater, drama and play had influenced Christian scholasticism, medieval Islamic philosophy, Renaissance, Reformation and even the age of Enlightenment. He had written seven books namely Posterior Analytics, Rhetoric, Metaphysics, Politics, The Poetics, The Generation of Animals and Nicomachean Ethics in which he had focused on the human being’s purpose of existence, importance of state and forms of state, ethics, citizenship, persuasive capacity and the scientific process to evaluate and search about any subject with critical analysis and by applying reason on every aspect. Western political philosophy is highly marked with stupendous work of Aristotle.
“If Plato’s prose was silver, Aristotle’s was a flowing river of gold”
Many Enlightenment political theorists in those the most famous such as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke who had greatly influenced the society by their astonishing work. They were also influenced by Aristotle’s concept of state. In his book “ Politics” he argued that man could not achieve happiness without the existence of state ,he would be beast or God outside the state, just like Hobbes and Locke gave their theory of “state of nature” they both gave the argument about the nature of man and flaws in the state of nature then in comparison gave the better society and form of government with protection in the “social contract theory” in which they gave the concept of that government in which people make social contract just like Aristotle’s concept of the relationships ,and people participate in the decision making process with their unique property of speech and reason ,which will make a political authority and human beings will earn peace and happiness. Aristotle had classified states into six types and gave the best political system on the basis of the practicality, Aristotle rejected tyranny, oligarchy and democracy because he argued that these are the perverted rules that are based n their own interest such as pleasure, wealth and freedom and monarchy and aristocracy are not practical .He had classified the types regarding virtuousness that ruling is an art and one should be excelled in it therefore he opted Polity as the best form of government because of the human rationality. He further argued that polity was not observed practically like oligarchy and democracy which are the extreme ends and they had conflicts (rich and poor)because they both wanted their justification of power that will lead to the revolutions and constant conflicts as we have seen revolutions for rights and freedom in the intellectual age because there was no moderation, So Aristotle with his wisdom proposed the middle position with moderate means of wealth and power that is the virtuous class the Middle class which makes the best practical regimes “Polity” .Aristotle had difference in his views with Plato as Plato viewed states hierarchical structure such family makes villages that makes states but Aristotle viewed the purpose of state. Thomas Hobbes was the supporter of the complete monarchy much influenced by the Cavendish family but Aristotle did not supported monarchy although he taught Alexander the great and Locke supported democracy but Aristotle seen middles class as virtuous. He had classified knowledge into Theoretical, Practical and Productive in which the most important is the practical knowledge in which ethics and politics lies. According to Aristotle politics and ethics go parallel because ethics reflects individual’s character regarding rhetoric, knowledge and reason.

In morals he gave the theory of four causes, elaborated the meaning of happiness and meaning of virtue which are all related to the existence of human being, state. Four causes are, formal cause, material cause, efficient cause and final cause .In the formal cause body of human being is classified into male and female, in material cause the anatomy and body functions are studied, efficient cause is its origin and source of its existence and in the final cause purpose of its existence which is happiness is studied. Human’s ultimate purpose of life is to achieve happiness. He has a teleological view of nature in which everything in nature has a purpose of its existence. His assumption was that happiness is the chief, ultimate goal we are always aiming at. He saw happiness as activity and not emotions; he divided human soul into rational and non rational manner which makes the sphere of morality. According to Aristotle citizens are those who possess reason and participate in the activities of the state, people with undeveloped reason(children), have reason but lacks authority (women because by virtue men are superior) and don’t have reason at all (slaves) are not citizens of the state. Citizens can be good human beings in the best political system. He had wrote the methods such as tragedy to improve plays and dramas because Aristotle viewed arts as a good and influential source which had great impact on the human mind and reason unlike John Locke who opposes the languages and arts and focused on mere science and philosophy, but Hegel also focused on the art that it depicts the human imagination.

Aristotle was indeed the most influential philosopher of his age who had introduced new concepts that had impacted in shaping the world history. .He had made knowledge for all, through lyceum unlike the Plato’s limited Academy that has contributed to his concept of state function through the rational citizens. He had proposed many key concepts in the arts which are still used such as tragedy to write an influential and good play as well as the key feature to be influenced and persuasive in speech by rhetoric. Aristotle’s philosophical concepts had negative impacts, about the slavery and inferiority of the woman in the contemporary age. Now his concepts are being challenged by the Labor rights which arose new theories such as communism and international bodies to discourage slavery and for the promotion of equality and human rights, there arose series of revolutions and civil wars in the history ,just for political identity and equal rights. Women are struggling for the most basic rights such as equal wages, right to vote and laws for domestic abuse which are the points of the feminism theory. His views of state that without state man is beast or God ,are also arguable in the intellectual age in which many theories such as Liberalism arose, which limits the concept of the state for international relations and harmony among nations and free trade. He was against the forms of government such as monarchy, oligarchy and democracy which he said are non practical but all these forms are still present in the world and west had struggled to achieve democracy which is the best form of government according to west which gives equal rights and legislature to every class of the state because democracy had worked for west man seeks that form of government which can function properly according to their society ,if it didn’t function well in Athens then it couldn’t be abolished and rationality couldn’t be limited for some people it is just like that you limit freedom of speech to some people slaves and women can participate in politics because they also have the capacity of speech. His concept of the citizenship is also flawed because it promotes unequal distribution of rights and misogyny. Modern mind can’t swallow some of his concepts .His concepts have many thesis and antithesis, world is working for a synthesis and this process is continued.

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Imagine Pakistan

Pakistan a country with Four seasons, rich resources, rich reserves of minerals, beautiful and breathtaking views, green fields, tasty cuisine,high rate of charity in the world, Gilgit Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtun Khan, Balochistan, Sindh,Kashmir and Punjab which add beauty to its diversity and culture situated in the South Asian region neighboring India, China, Afghanistan ,Iran and has a beautiful part of the Arabian sea.

It came into being on 14 August 1947 when British rule ended and struggle for the beautiful part of the subcontinent began as a consequence India got the bigger slice according to her population’s need and Pakistani’s eventually became happy with the smaller but with the same diversity, food,language and cultural part. You dont believe well.

Proceeding further, yeah you have alot more questions about the social issues, political instability ,economic crisis but these questions have been echoing in the world since we humans checked in the world.Pakistan have been accused of the terrorism,whose target was our own Children.Ok! Its the beginning of the new year So,HAPPY NEW YEARS INDIA, CHINA, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN and to the World’s care taker ,the all time savior The WORLD WORLD!. Thats all for now.